What is Binary Plan?

Now when we listen to the word binary, we always think about it will revolve again relate to number 2 as binary itself means 2. A typical binary plan works by adding 2 members to the network, then later these 2 new members will add their own 2 new members and so on. The advantage of this plan is the network is continuously growing without the pressure mounting on the end node to recruit desperately. This addition of 2 new members makes it easy for new members to recruit easily further increasing the network. You can also call this plan as 2-by-infinity matrix plan.

Structure of Binary MLM

The binary tree consists of two sub-trees. One is called Powerleg and another one is called Profitleg.
Power Leg
As a node in network recruits two new members, they will automatically be placed in node’s power leg. As the number of front line nodes is limited to 2, any new recruit would be placed in nodes down line Powerleg.
Profit Leg
All the profit leg are personally recruited by immediate node (member) as new node’s sign up, and they will be automatically placed in the node’s power leg.

Advantages of Binary Plan

1. An easy way to make a profit
With the rapid expansion of the network in structure due to a limitation of 2 recruits by each node, the profit will increase in the network and also recruiters will not have the pressure of desperately recruiting new members. This makes the network strong and reliable. 2. Two to infinity payout
The limitation of recruiting 2 members per node, makes the network strong can expand up to infinity. This is also known as two infinity matrix as I have mentioned earlier. This helps in growing the network big and makes it possible to grow the network infinite.


In order to survive in the rapidly growing competition in the MLM model of business, one has to constantly keep up with the new introduction and new models in the market. This makes it easy for the network to grow and bring in profit. Binary Plan helps the network to gradually grow which in turn brings in the flow of cash making the business successful.

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